Statistics Denmark

The national statistics bureau of Denmark

Host: Danmarks Statistik
Source type: Primary

Danmarks Statistik - Statistics Denmark - is the national statistics bureau of Denmark. Statistics Denmark collects and analyses data on individuals, companies and national economics from all kinds of official Danish sources and from the organization's own field research.

The homepage has an English mirror, but the content is not as complete as the Danish version.

Direct links to essential subpages:

  • Main page
  • Statbank Denmark: Search for free un-analyzed data in the Statbank database. Perfect mirror of the Danish version.
  • Statistical sources: Links to national and international statistical databases - ie national statistical bureaus and international organizations' statistical databases. NB: This page is in Danish
  • Publications: A lot of the published reports are online in pdf and free. Feel free to translate via Google Translate., as they are in Danish ony.


Guide to searching statistics (pptx)
Guide to searching for publications (pptx)
Guide to tailoring complicated statistical tables (pptx)
FAQ: "How do I find statistics for ..."