Valid books

As always, remember to wear the "source-critical glasses", even when selecting texts from books for your assignment

The five source-critical evaluation guidelines are:

  1. Valid books - what are they:
    Sender: Who is the sender?
    An individual, a professional or academic organization or a company? Does the sender have the necessary professional background?
  2. Academic level: Is the source relevant to your problem in relation to the academic level? Is it:
    - Practical (problem-solving or experience-based)
    - Academic (based on recognized theories, uses research-based methods for collecting primary and secondary empirical data)
  3. Motivation: What is the purpose?
    - Knowledge sharing?
    - Does the sender want to sell you something that is not necessarily related to the information?
  4. Argumentation?
    - Is the text supported by sources (references and bibliography)?
  5. Current information?
    - Does the age of the text matter?

It is important that you start with credible and valid texts - browse through our good e-books sites to be inspired.