Valid books

As always, remember to wear the "source-critical glasses", even when selecting texts from books for your assignment

The five source-critical evaluation guidelines are:

  1. Valid books - what are they:
    Sender: Who is the sender?
    An individual, a professional or academic organization or a company? Does the sender have the necessary professional background?
  2. Academic level: Is the source relevant to your problem in relation to the academic level? Is it:
    - Practical (problem-solving or experience-based)
    - Academic (based on recognized theories, uses research-based methods for collecting primary and secondary empirical data)
  3. Motivation: What is the purpose?
    - Knowledge sharing?
    - Does the sender want to sell you something that is not necessarily related to the information?
  4. Argumentation?
    - Is the text supported by sources (references and bibliography)?
  5. Current information?
    - Does the age of the text matter?

It is important that you start with credible and valid texts - browse through our good e-books sites to be inspired.

Are you aware of source criticism?

When you are doing research for your assignment, it is up to you to be source critical. Want to learn more?

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