Where can you find academic articles?

Academic articles are often expensive to obtain. On this page you find alternative ways to find and access academic articles.


Erhvervsakademi Aarhus has purchased a license to the article database EBSCO Business Source. Find EBSCO Business Source Complete here

Furthermore, you can find an overview of links to several other subject-oriented article databases, where you can search for and download research articles. Find the overview of e-resources here

Google Scholar

Google's small brother, Google Scholar, provides links to materials from publishers and educational institutions, such as books, bachelor projects, and academic articles. Find Google Scholar here

Not all articles are free and full text - then what?

Unfortunately full and free access to the texts is not always available (this can also occur in EBSCO and other specialized databases), so what can you do?

Read on, in order of priority:


There are plenty of free research articles published with an open access license. The easiest and legal way to find an article in full text is to install the browser extension 'Unpaywall'.

If the article is available somewhere, an open green or yellow padlock appears on the right-hand side of the window. Click on it, and the article is downloaded. If Unpaywall cannot find an open article, the padlock is gray.

Google search

You may be lucky to find articles by copying the title (remember to enclose the title in quotation marks) and searching in Google. Not Google Scholar, just regular Google.


Also, remember to check if access is available through Academia. Free access if you create a profile.

"Move your butt"-principle

The 'Move Your Butt' principle is super effective and quick: Visit one of Aarhus University's libraries.

The Royal Library Aarhus (former known as Statsbiblioteket) has a license for databases with academic articles in all subject areas. Move a workday to the Royal Library Aarhus in the University Park and get access to articles and e-book chapters like a AU student or AU staff member:

    1. Register as a 'private user' at 'The Royal Library Aarhus'
    2. Use a desktop guest PC at the library: Log in (login info is located at the PC).
    3. On the desktop: Log in to your account.
    4. When working on the library's own PC, you have almost the same opportunities to access e-books and articles as one of Aarhus University's students/employees.
    5. You may not always be able to download articles - if not, create a print account at The Royal Library Aarhus

Still can’t access the article?

If you have tried the above steps and still cannot find an article in full text?

Then send us an email. Please include a link so we can help you faster. We will try some librarian's magic.

Do you need help?

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