Estimating the market supply

In Denmark - using Statistics Denmark

If you can't find ready made product market data in ie. Passport, you'll need to collect data from the first hand source - the national statistics.
It's called to estimate the 'market size' or the 'market supply'.

In this video, you'll learn which tables to collect data from - and how to find the right product codes.

Video: How to estimate the DK product market size

Please note: Statistics Denmark has changed the website design since the video was recorded, and the subject headings are different.
But the tabels remain the same - search for the table codes in the search field (ie KN8Y) to look up the relevant tables!

Product codes in English

The National Statistics Denmark haven't translated the product code overview to English - luckily the European Statistics have a helping hand:

Look up these two classification tools:

  • First: The overview of product classification codes (The combined nomenclature) 
  • Combined Nomenclature overview. Choose the newest version. 
  • Press the arrow to the left to unfold hierarchies
  • Note the relevant code(s)

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