Borrow AV equipment

Via the library you can borrow all kinds of gear. You just have to book it through the library. Check the menu below for rules and lists of equipment. You can only borrow AV equipment if you are a student at Business Academy Aarhus. 

  • Contact the library and negotiate pick up and return dates and times.
  • Standard booking period is 3 days - but it is possible to negotiate. Headsets excluded - dayloan only.
  • You must pick up and return equipment at the library. If we're not present to receive the equipment, you can return it at the IT service desk or the Sønderhøj reception.
  • Always return the equipment within the agreed period of time - somebody else might have booked it! Bad customers are punished by blacklisting.
  • If you're late, call the library right away.
  • Canon EOS 700D – SLR w video (max. 29 min. of continuous recording) (64 GB) (1)
  • Canon EOS 2000D – SLR w video (max. 29 min. of continuous recording) (64 GB) (1)
  • Zoom Q2HD - mostly used as dictaphone without picture - w. 16 GB SDcard (6) Manual, pdf
  • Sony Handycam HD video w. 120 GB hard disc (3)
  • Sony Handycam 4K video (64 GB) (2) Manual, pdf
  • GoPro Hero6 inc a large accessory pack (1)
  • WEBCAMS - we don't have any of those and you can't just connect a camera to your computer.
    You can turn your smartphone into a webcam! Download the app EpocCam WiFi Virtual Webcam. There is a version for iPhone and android telephones and it works for Mac and PC both .
    Find a guide for computer><smartphone setup at the developer's homepage
    You can borrow a smartphone grip handle and a table stand from the library.
  • Cam Link 4K adapter HDMI > USB 3.0 - used for streaming video content from camera with no wifi via laptop. (2)


  • Zoom H2n - records in fab quality, also live music (1) Link to support
  • Zoom Q2HD – includes on/off video function. Perfect for interviews (6) Manual, pdf
  • Olympus WS-650S (2GB / 529 hours) (1)


  • Sennheisser, minijack (in-ear) (1)
  • Audio Technica, minijack (on-ear, noice reduction) (4)
  • Xsystems, bluetooth (on-ear, noice reduction) (8)



  • 'Røde' wireless GO, Minijack (for camera) (2)
  • 'Røde' Wireless GO II, Minijack, flash, USB-c (smartphone compatible) (2)
  • Sennheiser Memory Mic, bluetooth (smartphone compatible) (2)


  • Lapel, Minijack (1)
  • Lapel, Minijack-TRRS (smartphone compatible) (4)
  • iRig Mic Cast, Minijack-TRRS (smartphone compatible) (1)
  • ’Røde’ NTG-2, Minijack (shotgun, for camera or soundbox) (1)
  • 'Røde' videomic GO, Minijack (shotgun, for camera) (3)
  • 'Røde', Minijack (shotgun, for camera or soundbox, hotshoe missing) (1)
  • 'Sennheiser', Minijack (shotgun, for camera or soundbox) (2)


  • ’Røde’ NT, USB (computer) (1)
  • ’Snowball’, USB (computer) (2)
  • LumeCube Air - tiny portable lights (3)
  • Camera stands – three legged and monopod (10)
  • Gorillapods (3)
  • Smartphone Grip Handles - 'analogue' smartphone handles; fits a camera stand as well (4)
  • Stabilizer Zhiyun Crane 2 for new digital photo and video cameras (1) Manual, pdf + list of Compatible cameras, pdf
  • Stabilizer Zhiyun Smooth 4 for smartphones (2) Manual, pdf
  • Microphone stand - König & Meyer (1)
  • Book the room by the receptionist at Ringvej Syd or the librarians at Sønderhøj.
  • Access all weekdays, 24/7.
  • You book the room for hours, not days.
  • Access requires a key card which you get from the librarians at Sønderhøj or the receptionist at Ringvej Syd.
  • Return the card at the library or in the red postbox by the reception at Ringvej Syd.
  • Eksternal hard discs: Lacie, 1 TB (3)
  • Projectors (5) - 2 wireless
  • Screen, portable (1)
  • Creative kit: paper markers, scissors, glue, tape (5)
  • A1 flip-over paper (to have :-) not to borrow)
  • Plotter. Located at building 7G. Make an appointment with your teacher (the plotter is booked 2 hours at a time, remember to ask for an extention if the plot is not done by the appointed time). For "Quick and dirty guidance" contact IT Servicedesk.
  • CREATE is primarily run by students and is therefore also intended as a place where you can meet other students with an interest in technology and prototypes. CREATE is open every weekday from 12AM to 2PM. There are student helpers ready to guide you. For more information check out Study Update.