Source criticism

When finding the right sources, it is important to use source criticism.

Follow these steps to ensure the right sources:

  1. What level is the source written? Is it academic or practical or is it just below an academic level?
  2. Who wrote it? Who is the sender? A private person, an organiation or a company?
  3. What is the motivation? Is it for knowledge sharing or is someone trying to sell you something?

Video: Learn how to use the Craap test

The Craap test is an easy way to find the currency, relevance, authority, accurary and purpose.

Video: How to assess sources


Here are 5 aspects of being source critical, from the video:

  • Sender - Does the author (who can be an individual or an organization) have the professional background that makes the source worthwhile? private person, professional or academic organization, company?
  • Motivation - What is the purpose? Knowledge sharing / information or ‘sales’ of service, product, attitude?
  • Age - how old is the source - and does age matter to your topic?
  • Relevance - is it the most suitable source for your topic and is the academic level high enough?
  • Argumentation - are the arguments in the source substantiated, or are they postulates?

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