E-book sites

We have listed some useful sites, where you can find valid e-books for your assignemnet or project.

Google books

Google Books is Google's specials site for books. Some texts are fully accessible (open access books), others are partially accessible - and others just have a description.
If you have been recommended a textbook, but you cannot get hold of it, it may be worth a try to check out Google Books - perhaps the bit of information you need is available for free.
Remember to be source critical - you can find anything and everything on Google Books.

Directory of open access

Most academic publishers have a selection of Open Access e-books. You do not have to search the web for these types of books - they are all available through the ‘Directory of Open Access Books’ portal.
Find books either by a free text search (‘Search’) or refined by title, keyword or author list ('Browse’)

CABI open access books

CABI is an academic publisher specializing in animal and plant science as well as tourism. We have a lot of their quality books at the library. CABI also releases a few of their titles as open access.

E-book licences at the public library

Via the public libraries' websites, you have access to a selection of e-resources. Among the licenses, there is also access to borrow non-fiction and fiction e-books and audio books.

If you live in Aarhus, the menu is called 'Netmedier', in Horsens 'Det digital bibliotek', but it can also be called 'onlinebiblioteket', 'e-biblioteket', and so on.

You get access to the e-resources with your public library login.

A selection (not all municipalities have the same licenses - there are big differences in accessability):

  • Books24/7 ITpro - IT books
  • E-reolen (The e-bookshelf) - Danish non-fiction and audio books
  • Ebook Central (several variations with general or academic content)
  • Safari Tech Books - IT Books

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