Public business data and company information

Source type: Primary
Partly in Danish

CVR (The Central Business Register) is the governmental register on businesses, a site owned by the Danish Business Authority. Here you can search enterprises, find their CVR numbers, business type, financial statements etc., but if you need to do a segmentation (ie. all breweries in Denmark), you need to use 'Orbis' or 'Proff' instead.
Navigation and headings are in English, but some of the data is Danish.

Access: The Central Business Register

Data catalogue on
The data catalogue can give you an overview of public, business-relevant data, so you can easily find raw data that can be used in your business. The subject groups are: Transport & Traffic, Commerce & Manufacturing, Social Affairs, Energy & Environment, Health & Safety, Maps & Geodata, Economy, Agriculture, Construction & Real estate. Please note that both interface and information are in Danish, but you're able to translate somewhat OK using Google Translate

Access: Data catalogue