Ejendomsstatistikken - data on property

Data on property, construction, costs and revenue

Host: Ejendom Danmark (danish property federation)
Source type: Primary
In Danish

Data in the property statistics derives from a variety of sources - public authorities and other stakeholders in the real estate industry - here curated by the industry association Ejendom Danmark.

Property statistics is an online database of statistics on the property market. It contains statistics that are publicly available or can be purchased as a special extract from, for example, Statistics Denmark and is backed by Ejendomsforeningen Danmark's own data. Property statistics are continually updated and new data is added.

Property data includes data within these nine subjects:

  • Interactive statistics
  • Property stock
  • New construction
  • Cost of property contruction
  • Cost of property management
  • Return, price and rent
  • Idle property and vacant premises
  • Property turnover
  • International data


Where do I find the nine statistical subjects? (pdf)