E-book collections

E-book licenses at public libraries

Business Academy Aarhus doesn't have any licenses to any e-book collections.
Happily, the public libraries present a wide selection of e-resources: e-book licenses to fiction and non-fiction as well as other kind of media.
In Aarhus the menu is called ’Netmedier’, in Horsens ’Det digitale bibliotek’, but it could be called ’onlinebiblioteket’, ’e-biblioteket’ etc.
Use the original Danish library sites - not the English mirror sites, as those don't always show the full information.
Use your public library login to get access.

A selection of licenses (the municipalities don’t have identical licenses so the local choice may vary):

  • Books24/7 ITpro – IT-books
  • E-reolen - Danish fiction and non-fiction e-books and audio books
  • Ebook Central (different types with general or academic content)
  • Safari Tech Books – IT-books