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LOTS of nice books. Use your EAAusername + the last 4 CPR digits to order.

Article database temporarily closed closes and does not re-open until mid 2020. If you need scientific articles that you cannot access online, visit the Royal Library in Aarhus – there you’ll have free access.

Borrow AV equipment


  • Contact the library and negotiate pick up and return dates and times.
  • Standard booking period is 3 days - but it is possible to negotiate. Headsets excluded - dayloan only.
  • You must pick up and return equipment at the library. If we're not present to receive the equipment, you can return it at the IT service desk or the Sønderhøj reception.
  • Always return the equipment within the agreed period of time - somebody else might have booked it! Bad customers are punished by blacklisting.
  • If you're late, call the library right away.

Photo & video

  • Canon EOS 7000D – SLR w video (max. 29 min. of continuous recording) (64 GB) (2)
  • Canon EOS M10 – mirrorless system camera w video (max. 29 min. of continuous recording) (64 GB) (1)
  • Sony Alpha a6000 - mirrorless system camera w video (max. 29 min. of continuous recording) (64 GB) (1)
  • Zoom Q2HD - mostly used as dictaphone without picture - w. 16 GB SDcard (6) Manual, pdf
  • Sony Handycam HD video w. 120 GB hard disc (3)
  • Sony Handycam 4K video (64 GB) (2) Manual, pdf
  • GoPro Hero6 inc a large accessory pack (1)
  • 360 FLY Action HD video Camera (1½)



  • Zoom Q2HD – video camera, can turn off picture recording for interviews (6) Manual, pdf
  • Olympus WS-650S - digital dictaphone (2GB / 529 hours) (1)


  • Senneheisser (in-ear) (1)
  • Audio Technica (on-ear, noice reducing) (4)


  • Lapel microphone, Minijack (1)
  • Lapel microphone, smartphone compatible (4)
  • Microphone, iRig Mic Cast, smartphone compatible (1)
  • Microphone 'Røde', Minijack (1)
  • Microphone, ’Røde’ NTG-2, Minijack + windshield (1)
  • Microphone 'Sennheiser', Minijack (2)
  • Microphone, ’Røde’ NT, USB + table stand and pop filter (1)
  • Microphone ‘Snowball’, USB (1)


  • LumeCube Air - tiny portable lights (3)
  • Flash for Nikon (2)
  • Flash for Canon (1)

Stands & gimbals

  • Camera stands – three legged and monopod (8)
  • Gorillapods (2)
  • Smartphone Grip Handles - 'analogue' smartphone handles; fits a camera stand as well (4)
  • Stabilizer Zhiyun Crane M2 for new digital photo and video cameras (1) Manual, pdf
  • Stabilizer Zhiyun Smooth 4 for smartphones (2) Manual, pdf
  • Stabilizer, Sevenoak, Analogue SK-W02 (1)
  • Microphone stand - König & Meyer (1)

Mediallab, Ringvej Syd

  • Book the room by the receptionist at Ringvej Syd or the librarians at Sønderhøj.
  • Access all weekdays, 24/7.
  • You book the room for hours, not days.
  • Access requires a key card which you get from the librarians at Sønderhøj or the receptionist at Ringvej Syd.
  • Return the card at the library or in the red postbox by the reception at Ringvej Syd.


  • Eksternal hard discs: Lacie, 1 TB (3)
  • Projectors (2)
  • Creative kit: paper markers, scissors, glue, tape (5)
  • A1 flip-over paper (to have :-) not to borrow)

Find students' reports

From here, you can search for earlier BAAA-students' final exam projects and bachelor thesis, which are not classified and not failed.

Use them for inspiration - not as sources.


Find empirical data in the library databases: academic articles, market, country and company information, law, statistics about everything

365 DESIGN - knowledge about design, trends, consumption & economy

Host: Pejgruppen
Source type: Primary/secondary

In Danish only.
365DESIGN is a Danish industry universe, targeted professionals within the design industry.  365DESIGN communicates knowledge about design, trends, consumption & economy.
Topics are the industry, brands and products, trends and colors of the season, the retail industry's development and information on the most important design, furniture and interior design trade shows and events.
You have access to the news portal and to the magazine 365DESIGN, published 4 times a year.
Magazine in hardcopy can be borrowed from the library as well (from 4/2018)

Access: Via Studyupdate

AGROVOC - vocabulary

AGROVOC is a vocabulary covering these areas: food, nutrition, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, scientific and common names of animals and plants, environment, biological notions, techniques of plant cultivation and more. It is published by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and edited by a community of experts. Translated into 33 different languages and you can use it to look up synonyms and related concepts (broader or narrower terms).


BAAA Library catalogue

Business Academy Aarhus' own library catalogue. Search for books, e-books, files, magazines and much more in the catalogue. Reserve interesting titles, or renew the stuff you have borrowed using your EAA-username.

Access to the library catalogue - national library database

In Denmark borrowing books etc. is free of charge. 
Furthermore, you may request books, movies, music etc. from all of Denmark's libraries (ie. public libraries, university libraries, educational libraries) just by requsting via the site 
The Business Academy's library is receiving requested books from other libraries twice a week. 

Electronic resources
Due to the complicated rights to electronic information, it is in most circumstances not possible to access other libraries' collection of ie. e-books or databases, even though you're able to view the titles etc. using, unless you're a registered customer of the library in question.

Access: Free via

Byg-Erfa - constructional experiences & knowledge

Host: Fonden Byg-Erfa
Source type: Primary

Fonden BYG-ERFA collects, processes and conveys constructional experiences straight from the contruction industry.
In Danish only.


From school and from home via WAYF

Access via WAYF - troubleshooting (pdf)


Børsen Business Net - business news and articles

Host: Børsen
Source type: Pimary/secundary

Børsen is Danish business newspaper and business news portal. Read selected business news in English, or search the print edition's article archive - in Danish.


DCA - News on research in food and agriculture


Host: National Center for Food and Agriculture, University of Aarhus
Source type: Primary

National Center for Food and Agriculture publishes within these subject areas:

  • Horticulture
  • Livestock
  • Agriculture/Farming

These series contain research results and trial statements with focus on danish conditions. Before 2011 the publications were divided into two seperate publishings, "Grøn Viden" and "DJF rapport"  - now they are all published in "DCA publications". Language is danish - but use Google Translate.

Access: Free via National Center for Food and Agriculture, University of Aarhus

Search all DCA publications

Historical publications:

Directory of Open Access Journals - 'free' academic articles

Host: DOAJ
Source type: Primary source

In this database you'll find open access journals and articles from all over the world. The topics cover most of Business Academy Aarhus' subject areas.

You can search for articles using a detailed subject hierarchy.


Help: Video tutorial and introduction to Open Access - starting new enterprises abroad; barriers and law


Host: The World Bank
Source type: Primary/secondary provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities at the subnational and regional level. For all small and medium enterprises, this site gathers and provides information on economic data, laws and regulations for almost all countries in the world and covers the most important topics to start and manage a business.

Access: Free via

EBSCO Business Source - knowledge on marketing, economics, management, environmental issues, green architecture

Source type: Primary / Secondary

Ebsco Business Source Complete is targeted academic business programmes and business life in general and contains approximately 6200 journals with full access to around 3800 journals.

You'll find ie. 'Harvard Business Review' and 'Marketing Research'.In 'Greenfile' you'll find information on all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.  Full text access to more than 4,700 records.

Articles not in full text can be requested via the service The database is updated on a daily basis.

Ejendomsforeningen Danmark - data on construction, costs and revenue

: Ejendomsforeningen Danmark (danish property federation)
Source type: Primary (Industry association)

Data in the property statistics derives from a variety of sources - both public authorities and other stakeholders in the real estate industry.

Property statistics is an online database of statistics on the property market. It contains statistics that are publicly available or can be purchased as a special extract from, for example, Statistics Denmark and is backed by Property Federation's own data.Property statistics are continually updated and new data is added.

Property data includes data within these nine subjects:

  • Property stock
  • Construction
  • Cost of construction
  • Cost of property management
  • Return, price and property rental
  • Residents and commercial tenants
  • Vacant premises and property
  • Property turnover
  • International comparisons

Language is danish, but use a translation tool.


Ejendomsmægleren - news on real estate

Host: Ejendomsmægleren (The Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents)
Source type: Primary (industry association)

The Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents have made their industry magazine (Ejendomsmægleren) accessible online. Use the magazine for inspiration, for example for your choice of subject; they are of course a primary source of information within the market of real estate.

Language is danish, but use a translation tool


Eurostat - the statistical database of the EU


Host: EU Commission
Source type: Primary

The statistical database of the European Union, containing all official statistics of the EU member countries and the most important partner countries. A really good alternative to certain countries' national statistics!

All stats are harmonized which make them comparable across borders.

A good starting point is Statistics Explained, an official Eurostat website, presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way. You will find links to the tables, related publications and sources so you can make your own tables and work with the data.

Access: Free - Eurostat - articles and news from the financial sector

Source type: Primary/Secondary

JP Finans writes insightfully about modern business, politics and the economy. You can also find links from the media specialists FinansWatch, EnergiWatch and others, but unfortunately, that does not give you full access to the Watch-medias.

Language is Danish but you can use Google Translate.

Access from the school's internet
Access from private internet

Finans/Invest - articles on investment, financing and capital provision

Host: Finans/Invest
Source type: Primary/Secondary

The newest edition is not indexed in the database.  You can search for articles, but not download. Contact the library. The library subscribes to the physical magazine which is accessible through the library catalogue. 

Finans/Invest is a journal that publishes articles on investment, financing and capital provision and related legislation. Finans/Invest bridges the gap between theory and practice. Readers are presented with the latest knowledge in the financial area. The authors of the journal are typically either researchers from universities and business schools with an interest in business conditions or employees in the financial sector with research interests.

Language is Danish but use Google Translate.

Search 101:

  • Enter only one keyword in the search box. More words are seen as a phrase
  • It is not possible to search with open endings - so try searching for both ("Life", "Life insurance" and so on). - or use the topic hierachy in the left menu
  • This search machine only searches the summary - not the full text


FinansWatch - articles and news on the financial sector

Host: Watch Medier
Source type: Pimary/secondary contains a variety of news about the financial sector, interviews, careers and more. The articles on is written for the industry and the starting point is Danish, but the outlook is global. Besides articles from FinansWatch you will find selected articles from partners, for example Financial Times, Jyllandsposten, Politiken, Bank Info and RB Exchange.

Language is Danish - but use Google Translate.


From the school's internet
From private internet

Access from private internet - troubleshooting (pdf)

Foreningen Dansk Internet Handel - analysis on Danish internet trade

Host: Foreningen Dansk Internet Handel (Association for Danish Internet Trading) (FDIH)
Source type: Primary (industry association)

Business Academy Aarhus has become a member of FDIH, the danish E-commerce Association,  and are now able to provide access to the popular analyzes of Danish e-commerce, published by the industry association.

Besides annual analysis, they publish monthly and special analysis.
The monthly analyses are thematic - focus on Black Friday, omnichannel or foodstuff.
The special reports are often the result of member surveys - ie. fraud or logistics.

Please note that all reports are in Danish.


Via the Business Academy Aarhus-library document server on MS Office 365

Link to a very short sign-in-guide (pdf)

FødevareWatch - articles and news from the food industry

Host: Watch Medier
Source type: Primary/secondary

FødevareWatch provides independent, critical and fair journalism about the food industry.
The content encompasses the entire sector - manufacture, processing and retail.

Language is Danish - use Google Translate.


From the school's internet
From private internet

Access from private internet - troubleshooting (pdf)

Ejendomsstatistikken - data om byggeri, omkostninger og omsætning

Udgiver: Ejendomsforeningen Danmark
Kildetype: Primær (brancheforening)

Data i Ejendomsstatistikken stammer fra en lang række forskellige kilder – både offentlige myndigheder og andre aktører i ejendomsbranchen.

Ejendomsstatistikken er en internetbaseret database med statistik om ejendomsmarkedet.
Den indeholder statistik, der er offentligt tilgængeligt eller kan købes som specialudtræk fra for eksempel Danmarks Statistik og er suppleret med Ejendomsforeningen Danmarks egne data. 
Ejendomsstatistikken bliver løbende opdateret og suppleret med helt nye data.

Ejendomsstatistikken indeholder data inden for ni emner:
1. Ejendomsbestand
2. Nybyggeri
3. Omkostninger ved byggeri
4. Omkostninger ved ejendomsdrift
5. Afkast, pris og leje af fast ejendom
6. Beboere og erhvervslejere
7. Ledige lokaler og boliger
8. Omsætning af ejendomme
9. Internationale sammenligninger

Google Scholar - search the internet for academic texts


Host: Google
Source type: Primary/ Secondary

Google Scholar allows you to search across a wide range of academic literature. It draws on information from journal publishers, university repositories and other websites that have been identified as scholarly. Results may include other kinds of scholarly publications such as books, dissertations, conference papers etc.

The results are not always freely accessible – if hitting a paywall looking for articles, try our article database EBSCO for a fulltext version or the article service (link to these two resources elsewhere in the resource list).


Industry analysis from Dansk Brancheanalyse


Host: Dansk Brancheanalyse
Source type: Primary/secundary

Dansk Brancheanalyse compiles a very thorough industry analysis on a few Danish industries.
Read (in Danish) about:
Restaurants | Hotel industry | Car dealers | Accountants | Advertising agencies | Travel agencies

Hard copy at Sønderhøj library. To order a volume: Press the trolley icon next to the specific volume.

Infomedia - articles from Danish newspapers and magazines

Host: Infomedia
Source type: Primary/secondary

Infomedia is the key database to Danish news articles from a variety of information sources - newspapers, magazines, news agencies, internet sites, radio and television programmes.

Please note that both interface and information are in Danish, but you're able to translate somewhat OK using Google Translate.

Not all media are in full text, but present just a short abstract. Check the list of e-resources if we have an individual license; if not, it's often possible to order a paper copy via the library service

Karnov - Danish laws

Host: Karnov Group
Source type: Primary

In Danish only - use eg. Google Translate.
Database containing all Danish laws - with comments, notices, decrees and references to relevant literature. Containing current legislation (and historical legislation from 1993-).

From school's internet only

Ledelse i dag - Industry magazine

Host: Lederne
Source type: Primary/Secondary (industry organization) aims to reflect and communicate new insights into personal leadership behavior and a broader management process, thus contributing to professional leadership. The archive holds articles from the early 90's.

Language is Danish, but use Google Translate.

Access: Via Studyupdate

Mandag Morgen - articles on Danish society

Host: Mandag Morgen
Source type: Primary

Access to the innovation house Mandag Morgen where you can access a knowledge bank with statistics, online analysis, a weekly newsletter and special publications in the areas of growth, welfare and green economy. In addition to this, news about the projects and events that Mandag Morgen morning creates in collaboration with private companies and public institutions.

Attention: This access is for searching only - not for reading or downloading articles. Contact the library and we'll print for you. Language is Danish - but use Google Translate.

Access: Search only via

Markedsbasen - industry analysis & reports

Host: Berlingske Media
Source type: Primary/Secondary

The popular Premium portal from the media company Berlingske 'Markedsbasen' has unfortunately closed down 1st of December 2015.
We have downloaded the most recent Danish analyses (in Danish, 2015/2014), please contact us if you'd like something about the Danish market on:
E-commerce * temp agencies * hotels * IT hosting * consulting engineers * children's equipment * furniture manufacturers * cleaning and facility * headhunters * gourmet stores * kitchen manufacturers * property administrators * architects * travel agencies * organic foods * fashion * microbreweries * computer games *gourmet restaurants * DIY stores * loudspeaker manufacturers * bicycle manufacturers * standard house manufacturers * professional sports * accountants * telephone companies * lawyers

Language is Danish - but use Google Translate.

Marketline Advantage - market analysis b2b / b2c

Host: Informa Business
Source type: Secondary
Database providing business intelligence on countries, consumers and industries (esp. production and service markets- mainly B2B-markets).
  • Market reports (including Porter's 5 Forces' analysis)
  • Company analyses (including SWOT-analyses)
  • Country profiles (PEST-analyses)
  • Statistical databases ('Databases') containing macro-economic, social, demographic and industry statistics etc.
Please note that Marketline Advantage's key goal is not to publish precise statistical data. The goal is to process harmonized data as to be able to show developments and trends.

Furthermore - note that Marketline Advantage mentions information sources, but not the statistical method used when data are harmonized.

Molio prisdata (used to be V&S Prisdata) - pricing, bidding and calculations in the construction industry

Host: Byggecentrum
Source type: Primary

Anyone who works with pricing, bidding and calculations in construction, need current, relevant prices and with Molio prisdata the prices you need to make estimates are assembled digitally.

Molio prisdata lets you get an overview pretty fast and if you use Excel templates, then it makes it easier than ever to make secure and fast offers. Molio prisdata is published once a year, where  an updated version with the latest price changes and updates on materials, labor and equipment rental, etc.
Language is danish, but use Google Translate.

From school's internet only

Click on the icon "Open Application" - then install a piece of software.

OECD iLibrary - publications on economic development

Host Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Source type: Primary

OECD is an international organization, analyzing and supporting economical growth in member countries. 
Via the portal OECD iLibrary, you have access to all publications. They are indispensable when doing an economical country analysis - looking for macro-economical key figures or analysis of ie education, labour markets, agricultural development, pensions and much more.
We've registered 'most wanted' in the library catalogue - use search word OECD to learn which publications are mostly used.

From the school's internet
From private internet

Search guide (pdf)
Access from private internet - troubleshooting (pdf)

Orbis - Global company data

Host: Bureau van Dijk
Source type: Primary

From this database, you'll find financial information on companies from all over the world: Key figures, contact and industry information and limit the result in many ways.
It is possible to make industry and company analysis - using the (peer) analysis functions and create lists of subsidiaries (find a guide for this at the bottom of the page).

  • If you need Danish annual accounts - use Virk.Data
  • If you need foreign annual accounts, try searching the internet. If this doesn't work, we'll be glad to help, but we do not buy foreign annual accounts.

From the school's internet
From private internet

Short search & export guide (pdf)
Search guide - company information (video by Jette Jorsal, SDU library)
Search guide - competitors (video by Jette Jorsal, SDU library)
Finding subsidiaries (pdf)

Access from private internet - troubleshooting (pdf)

Passport - market analysis B2C

Host: Euromonitor International
Source type: Primary/secondary

Database providing business intelligence on markets and industries, especially consumer and service markets

  • Market reports
  • Reports on distribution and logistical conditions in retailing
  • Lifestyle reports (consumer behaviour and segmentation)
  • Company profiles and statistics on market shares etc
  • Macro-economic, social, demographic and industrial statistics

Please note that Passport's key goal is NOT to publish precise statistical data. The goal is to process harmonized data to be able to show developments and trends.

From the school's internet
From private internet

Basic search (video by Jette Jorsal, SDU)
Access from private internet - troubleshooting (pdf)

PressReader - global newspaper database

Host: NewspaperDirect, Inc.
Source type: Primary/secondary

Library PressDisplay provides access to 4000 national newspapers from 100 countries. The papers are in the original layout - as a regular paper page.

  • The database holds up to 90 days of archive
  • It is possible to search one or many papers at once

Access: Only for registred borrowers from Aarhus Public Libraries

Proff - the business finder. Danish B2B portal

Host: Eniro A/S
Source type: Primary

Via the B2B portal Proff you'll get an overview of Danish enterprises' economic key figures and key personnel. It is possible to limit search from region to zip number, and you can search using both the official NACE industry descriptions, Proff's own industry description and in the enterprises' own product description - in Danish.

Please note that the consolidated financial statements are shown in the branches' profiles.
If you need more limitation possibilities - ie number of employees, headquarters only - use 'ORBIS' in stead.
If you need the full financial statement - use


Pubmed - International Medical / Veterinary Medical Database

Publisher: U.S. Natinal Library of Medicine
Source Type: Primary source

International human and veterinary medical database.
The database contains references to scientific journals.
Some articles are available in full text, while others must be ordered as a copy via the article service Get link and guide to this service further down the list of e-resources.

You didn't find the article in full text? Use the order service “” -  search for articles and order them, free of charge.

Skov & Landskab - reserach on forests and landscape area

Host: University of Copenhagen
Source Type: Primary

Through "Videntjenesten" you have access to reports and publications on the latest research and development on forest and landscape area. Researchers present results of their professional work.

We subscribe to the following:

  • Park and landscape (Park og landskab)
  • Forest and nature (Skov og natur)
  • Planning and the great outdoors (Planlægning og friluftsliv)

Language is Danish but use Google Translate.

From school's internet only

SurveyXact - surveys and questionnaires

Host: SurveyXact
Source type: Tool

Software for creating and distributing questionnaires and surveys.

Please note that you must obey the Danish legislation on selling ('Købeloven') and respect the rules of conduct for sending out emails.

You are not allowed to send out surveys using your Business Academy Aarhus email or using the academy's address list in Outlook for mass distribution.

Statistics Denmark

Host: Statistics Denmark
Source type: Primary

Danmarks Statistik - Statistics Denmark - is the national statistics bureau of Denmark. Statistics Denmark collects and analyses data on individuals, companies and national economics from all kinds of Danish sources.

The homepage has an English mirror, but the content is not as complete as the Danish version.

  • Statbank Denmark
    Search for free un-analyzed data in the Statbank database. Perfect mirror of the Danish version.

  • Statistical sources
    You'll find links to national and international statisical sources - ie national statistical bureaus. This page exists only at the Danish main page.

  • Publications
    A lot of the published reports are online in pdf and free. Feel free to translate via Google Translate., as they are not existing at the English mirror page. Publications for sale (pdf and print) are often purchased by the library.

Synopsis - law portal

Host: Synopsis
Source type: primary

 Danish only.

This database contains references to law literature and law practice, a form collection and a collection on Danish law.
Synopsis links directly to the licenced database Ugeskrift fra Retsvæsen (news from the Court) where you'll find judgements. The library subscribes to this database - to link without difficulties, please open the Ugeskrift fra Retsvæsen database first.

Access: Via Studyupdate

Tid & Tendenser - zeitgeist, trends, lifestyle, consumption and design

Host: Pejgruppen
Source type: Primary/secondary

In Danish only.

TID & tendenser is focused on zeitgeist, trends, lifestyle, consumption and design across industry boundaries.

TID & tendenser updates readers on the future, zeitgeist, economy and new trends within politics, media, marketing, management, phases of life, generations, demography, lifestyles, gender, wellfare, health, foodstuffs, education, culture, religion, consumption, retail, e-commerce etc.

You have access to the news portal and to the magazine t&t, published 4 times a year.

Magazine in hardcopy can be borrowed from the library as well.

Access: Via Studyupdate

TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends

Host: Pejgruppen
Source type: Primary/secondary

In Danish only.

TØJ is a Danish industry universe, targeted professionals within the clothing and fashion industry.  TØJ communicates knowledge about design, trends, consumption & economy.

Topics are the industry, brands and products, trends and colors of the season, the retail industry's development and information on the most important fashion trade shows and events.

You have access to the news portal and to the magazine TØJ, published 4 times a year.

Magazine in hardcopy can be borrowed from the library as well (from 4/2018)

Access: Via Studyupdate

Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen (UfR) - Danish sentencings (court rulings)

Host: Karnov Group
Source type: Primary
In Danish only - use eg. Google Translate or other translation tool.
The database contains Danish judgements and references to articles, in which sentencing has been given; and this within the last 50 years. (academic articles)

Order academic articles via the service The databases are licenced by the research libraries, and you do not have direct access. You can search and request article copies, and pick them up at the BAAA-library, or another library, you're a registered patron at.
If the article is accessible through Aarhus University, you can speed things up by visiting a AU library dept., and print/download the article directly.
NOTE: Please remember to search online for your article, because it might be available in full text somewhere. Try Academia or Researchgate. If you get at hit using Researchgate, contact the library - we have download rights. Search for the title, using quotation marks, like this: "the title of your article"

  • Pick up articles at the BAAA-libraries: Please use your EAA-username - or we cannot send you the 'please pick-up articles' e-mail.

  • Out-of-country-students are offered to get articles by postal services. When receiving a 'please pick-up articles' email from the library, please return email with information on your postal address.

Videntjenesten - Forest & Landscape

Publisher: Forest & Landscape (the center has a binding arrangement between the Department of Geosciences (IGN) and Natural Resource management and Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO) at the University of Copenhagen.

Source: Primary

Videntjenesten produces four series, each covering his field:

  • Park and Landscape
  • Planning and Outdoor Life
  • Greenery
  • Forest and Nature

Research results are presented primarily in short knowledge-leaflets – but you can also find detailed reports. There is of course access to the back copies archive.

Access from school

Access from private internet - CVR, financial statements, public data


Source type: Primær

CVR (The Central Business Register) is the governmental register on businesses, owned by the Danish Business Authority. Here you can search enterprises, find their CVR numbers, business type, financial statements etc., but if you need to do a segmentation (ie. all breweries in Denmark), you need to use 'Orbis' or 'Proff' instead.
Navigation and headings are in English, but some of the data is danish - use google translate.

Access: The Central Business Register

Data catalogue on
The data catalogue can give you an overview of public, business-relevant data, so you can easily find raw data that can be used in your business. The subject groups are: Transport & Traffic, Commerce & Manufacturing, Social Affairs, Energy & Environment, Health & Safety, Maps & Geodata, Economy, Agriculture, Construction & Real estate. Please note that both interface and information are in Danish, but you're able to translate somewhat OK using Google Translate

Access: Data catalogue

Wordupmate - Online dictionary for entrepreneurs

Wordupmate is an online dictionary with 3000+ words and definitions for students studying entrepreneurship.

Please note that both interface and information are in Danish, but you're able to translate somewhat OK using Google Translate.

Access: Wordupmate

Assignment help

Literature search

Guide to finding your literature

Optimize your literature search. Use this guide to find student theses, books and articles.

Inspiration, articles and books - a guide on finding them, and help on how to structure your search process = saving time


  • Inspiration
  • Media Talk
  • Finding literature (Books -- Articles)
  • Work structured and save time
  • Use keywords that the author would write
  • Document the research
  • A note on search engines

Market analysis

Market information sources

Which issues might you look into during the desk research? This model compiles issues and mention types of sources (pdf) - both primary and secondary - that might be useful


It can be difficult to estimate the market size or the market supply. We've made a few guides:

The Danish market

The European Union

When data are inadequate

What to do when the data are inadequate? Read this guide to get some ideas. The guide is written in collaboration with Tine Frandsen, lecturer at Business Academy Aarhus.

Source management

Plagiarism and source management

  • What is plagiarism and how do you avoid it?
    Using the 'Stop Plagiarism' you'll learn to manage sources correctly. Includes short quizzes.

Guides to the Harvard Standard & source management

  • The local guide (pdf)
    The librarians at Business Academy Aarhus have made a short guide on the basic Harvard standard rules, compile a list of sources as they should look in the bibliography (sporting examples from BAAAs databases), and explain the what, why and how about appendixes.
  • The thorough guide
    Everything about the Harvard Referencing system. Rules, how to make references and compile the bibliography. From the library at Anglia Ruskin University.

Personal data

  • In 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force. GDPR has an impact on how you must manage personal data in your study projects.
    Learn more in the guide How to handle personal data in your projects (pdf)

Reference Management tools

Academic articles

What do YOU get from an academic article?

Academic articles deal with topics at a higher academic level than newspaper articles. The world is described based on scientific research and data collection - eg. a study of which business models works best for sharing economy enterprises.

  • The research is more in-depth than if it were researched by a media company - and is a valid basis for your own empirical data (your field work).
  • Academic articles are difficult to read - learn “how to read an academic article” via the video link video at the bottom of the page :-)

Where can you find academic articles?

  • Business Academy Aarhus subscribes to the article database EBSCO Business Source Complete and links to several other professionally oriented article databases (learn more in the menu 'E-resources') where you can search for and download research articles.
  • Academic articles often cost money to read.
    Business Academy Aarhus has purchased a license for the EBSCO Business Source Complete article database and links to several other professionally oriented article databases (find them in the 'E-resources' menu) where you can search for and download research articles.
  • Among other things, we can recommend the 'Directory of Open Access Journals', where you can find a wealth of free access research journals. Google's little brother, Google Scholar, links to material from publishers and educational institutions - e.g. books, undergraduate projects and academic articles.
  • Unfortunately, there is not always free and full access to all texts (this can also be happen with EBSCO and the other specialized databases), and what do you do then? Normally, we would send you to the service Scientific Articles ( - but currently that service is paused. We have no specific date for access to it again - but we are informed that if technical and legal problems are resolved, we will be able to access it again by mid-2020.
  • You may be lucky to find articles by copying the title (remember to put the title in "quotation marks") and searching Google. Not Google Scholar, just Google. If the article is not in a full text, but there is a reference to ResearchGate, send an email to Sidsel ( She has access to ReseachGate and can often get the articles by contacting the researchers. Also, remember to check if Academia can be accessed; free access, if you create a profile.

How do you read an academic article?

It's not the same as a textbook, or a novel - to be most effective, you'll need to treat it in a specific way. Learn this way from the short video below:

  • Video tutorial (8 mns)
  • Annotated case article (mentioned in the video)

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