How to use the library

How to use the library

Use your student card to borrow books at the library or type your studentID (eaaxxyyy).

It is free to use the library and you can access it almost all year round 24/7 using your studentID card. Use the self-service machine by the library entrance to borrow and return books.

Through the library you have access to books from all Danish libraries (educational, governmental and research libraries). It's absolutely free to use the national library service

The default borrowing period for most books is 14 days - if you need them for a longer time, contact the librarian.

You can renew borrowed materials 3 times if the material is not reserved by somebody else. You can renew by logging in to your library account, or by contacting the library.

Reminders are sent 3 times to the e-mail address in your account, and there are no fees if you return too late.

If you fail to return materials, all following correspondence (settlement of account, bill, tax recovery information) will be posted in your digital E-boks.

How to get in touch with YOU?

Students' data are imported from the academy's student database.
Please remember to add a Danish phone number and to change preferred language to English - all communication from the library system will be in English.

All data will be erased a year after your graduation - unless you're still a library patron.

Book a librarian

When needed, students may book a librarian for source guidance when researching for a bigger project, ie. the final paper or bachelor project. E-mail or call us!

Opening hours

The Campus Sønderhøj library, Business Academy Aarhus, Sønderhøj 30, DK-8260 Viby J - on the 1st floor, just above the canteen.

If you need help from a librarian, we're at the library:

  • Monday-Wednesday: 9am-4pm
  • Thursday: 9am-3pm
  • Friday: 9am-2pm


The library subscribes to a lot of print magazines - Danish and foreign (in Norwegian, German, English). Most recent issues are on display at the back of the study area (it says 'Magazine reading corner' on the wall) and you can read those at the library. Older issues are placed in the library collection among the books (shelf numbers are mentioned by the display), those you can borrow.

Students at Sønderhøj 7G will have the added benefit of finding the most recent issues at the student lounge on the 3.rd floor. The magazines there will mostly be for the agricultural educations and they stay in the lounge area.

Staff e-mail and phone

Librarians: Mette Hansen and Sidsel Emkjær Stigaard
E-mail to both of us:
Phone: 7228 6040